Genocide in Pakistan

What is a human life really worth? Maybe I should specify the human - that will make it easier. How much is the life of a Pakistani Shia child worth?

"Islamabad, Pakistan (CNN) -- A series of blasts in the city of Quetta in southwest Pakistan killed 93 people and wounded 169 Thursday, police said.
Children were among the dead, officials said."

Why don't these numbers shake the sensibilities of everyone who matters in Pakistan? Why doesn't the world grieve? Why is there no voice given to these massacred people, many of them children? Just because the world does not see them, is their life worth only a headline? How long will minorities be trampled in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and how long will it be tolerated?

Pakistan is burning. The countrymen watch, throw a few twigs into the fire, someone brings a few bucketfuls of fuel and feeds the flames. Those people who are burning are invisible. No one can see them. And that's why if they turn to char, it doesn't matter at all.