There is something magical about the beginnings of love, the flutters, and the feeling of your heart landing inside your sandals with an almost audible 'plop,' the fierce need to be with the one you love, and the temporary insanity you undergo in that phase. Yes, it is magical.

But I never want to go back to that time. I don't want to feel that way again, imprisoned in a confusion of feelings. They were so overpowering, like being presented with a ridiculously over-seasoned dish on a completely empty stomach. You couldn't stop eating, but the spices killed your taste-buds.

What's special about love is not the mad rush of the beginning, but how it develops. Sometimes it endures for years, matures into something strong enough that it seems almost tangible, a physical entity. Other times, it tricks you, distresses you, and leaves you nursing a broken heart. There are other instances of love simply fizzling out of your life, like a bottle of perfume left open, the fragrance diffusing through your house, the scent evaporating, disappearing, carried away by the wind. 

Either way, it teaches you something about yourself. It shows you the way you love and how you survive it. It leaves you with lessons. Sometimes they are tough lessons to learn, but in the end, you are grateful you had the opportunity to learn them. 

Love fiercely and unabashedly, my friends. 

Exhibit A: Conversation over g-chat. We are not madly in love anymore. Our love is temperate - and thank God for that. 

usman:  i see
oh i forgot
me:  you too

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