The Season To Celebrate Love

February. The Season of Love's Celebration. Thinking back to my perception of this month years ago, I am in awe of myself. Only teenagers have such blind faith in eternal love and its powers, and only at that age was I able to associate this month particularly with romantic love and all secondary emotions it fosters. 

It's fascinating, really. Winter still grips most of the world with force in February, yet roses surface miraculously on every street corner. Full, bloody, their mouths open, stems thorny, enticing and dangerous. Everyday since February 1, my email has been flooded with special offers for Valentine's Day. Now, more than ever before, I am drawn to the break room at work, the glass candy jar full of tiny brick red Dove chocolates, with their shiny gold-tinged wrappers glowing under the horrid white light of that room. Ah, the temptations of February.

I look at love differently now (Joni Mitchell whispers to me "I've looked at love/from both sides now"). 

This month, inspired by Farheen Zehra's Love and Literature series, I will be blogging about love...everywhere and in everything...books and poetry, yes, but also in other things that are sometimes subtle and sometimes obvious. 

Read about LOVE on Goll Gappay this month and relate incidents where you have witnessed or experienced it.