Baking to Stay Hopeful

I baked almost every day this week as Pakistan geared towards elections (May 11). For the first time, the youth of the country mobilized, marched out into the streets in sweltering heat to vote for change. All day today, I sat in bed with a nasty cold and refreshed my computer screen constantly to see how the race was going.

The results were disappointing, not only because the candidate I was supporting didn't win, but also because there was mass-scale rigging and outright sabotage at the polls, which was caught on camera - facebooked, tweeted, posted on national and international news websites.

Tonight, on the eve of Mother's Day, in order to remain hopeful and keep a strong faith that my country is indeed well on its way towards a positive change, I decided to bake Joy the Baker's White Chocolate Rose Cake with Strawberries. Unfortunately, Rebecca wasn't here to take pictures, so I have to subject you to my poor photography using the mediocre camera of my phone.

 Rebecca came by yesterday and took the photos below (edited: 5/13/2013).