Rebecca is coming with me to Lahore IF...

Here are the FACTS: 
  • I have not gone back to Pakistan since I arrived in California on February 1, 2003
  • I am often found writing and whining about Lahore, who I was, identity, belonging, changes, time, et cetera, ad nauseum
  • I am afraid of going back to Lahore - mainly because I will encounter a different city, but also because the people I left behind have changed substantially, as well. So have I. I left when I was 18. I am now 29 and have a 2.5-year-old daughter. When I left, I could have probably described myself in discrete terms. Now I know that reality is much more complicated. How do you define who you are, how do you contain your experience, your view of the world and yourself into categories (a blog post on this will be coming in the near future)
  • My best friend is an awesome photographer
  • Lahore is an amazing canvas for any artist, but holds special treats for those who hold a camera in their hand. Besides, the food is incomparable!
  • I have been convincing Rebecca to come with me to Lahore. She has said no repeatedly because we only hear the absolute worst news in the media
  • Recently, I found this gem and forwarded it to Rebecca. She has agreed to travel to Pakistan with me at some point in the coming months on the condition that the "security situation" in Lahore is under control and the news continues to be good. AND if I write 2 blog posts per week...
What I have to do: 
  • Hope that we only hear good news from Lahore
  • Write 2 blog posts per week 
  • Ask you all for something (see below)
What YOU can do (if you are in Pakistan):
  • PLEASE email Rebecca and me at and tell her all the good reasons for traveling to Lahore, OR leave a comment here! She is an extremely nice person, and it is generally hard for her to say no to things (a quality I often use to my advantage). If enough of you extend a warm welcome, she will simply HAVE to come
If we make it to Lahore, I will post an announcement here, so you can meet (and be photographed by) Rebecca. We'll have a party over some really good goll gappay and chanaa chaat!