Publications, etc.

As per tradition, I want to share my recent publications with the Goll Gappay family.

3 poems published in aaduna - Holiday House, Atonement, and Weatherman.

3 poems published in Apeiron Review - Father (Page 53), The Other Woman (Page 61), and Dispossession (Page 62). 

1 poem published in Blue Lake Review - Nostalgia

Also re-plugging my poetry and interview publication in ARDOR Literary Magazine earlier this year before the new issue is released. 

Speaking of new issues, the next issue of Papercuts will be released soon. We are in the process of wrapping up poetry and prose editing for Volume 13: Metropolis. We received some wonderful poems exploring the complicated relationships city inhabitants, natives, drifters, visitors, and travelers form with places, some of which I could relate to completely as I saw images similar to those I have nurtured of my own hometown unfolding on the pages before me, and others, which displayed beautiful exotic imagery that I was completely enamored with. We have a remarkable selection lined up for the next issue, but now is your chance to read the strong selection of poetry and prose featured in Volume 12: Dog Eat Dog, which was also our inaugural print issue.

An important and exciting announcement that I have been accepted to the Squaw Valley Community of Writers Poetry Workshop, which will be held from June 21 to 28. During the workshop, I will be writing at least one poem per day and will be dedicating everything penned at the workshop to my English teacher, Mrs. Khan, who inspired me to pursue and polish my writing.

I am also working through some Goll Gappay posts for you all. Rebecca's photos continue to inspire (and taunt) me to write.

Back with a real post soon.