Squaw Valley Poetry Workshop - Day 4

I had my workshop with C.D. Wright on the deck of one of the houses in the Valley. The house was beautiful. I found out one of the workshop's organizers had assisted her father in building it many years ago. The sun was maddeningly strong on my back so I didn't have anything to say for the first half of the workshop. A little reconfiguration of chairs allowed me to participate fully. I read Cooked Until Golden Brown.

In the afternoon, Don Mee Choi's craft talk moved me very deeply. She talked about her process of writing her new book, researching the Korean War, and read out some of her work that was chilling. During the talk, I wrote in my notebook, "Own your heritage," because sometimes I don't.

Today, I have workshop with Robert Hass - reading a prose poem today titled Monsoons in Lahore - and then we have the afternoon off to play Poet Softball, take a nature walk, and have a picnic at Meek's Bay.