Squaw Valley Poetry Workshop Day 5

Yesterday was Day 5 and the schedule was so full that I didn't have the chance to update the blog. I had workshop with Robert Hass. I read a prose poem titled Monsoons in Lahore. I got great feedback as usual from my fellow poets and from Bob Hass who asked me, "What is your relationship to the prose poem?" I answered, "I don't have one. I am just beginning to court it!" When I finished reading and looked up, Bob's face had a look that I interpreted to be one of delighted surprise, and his first comment was, "I love that this poem is exactly about what the title tells us." He recommended a book called Short that has prose poems, flash fiction, and mini essays. I will definitely pick it up. He also commented that my poem would fit very well into the category of a mini-essay and sounded like the beginning of a novel. In retrospect, I wonder if that was his way of telling me that it was not really a prose poem and more like prose...The workshop was conducted in a beautiful house in the Valley. There was a spiral staircase to my left going up to a loft, which reminded me of the Gryffindor Common Room in the Harry Potter books.  

After workshop, we headed to the Lake Tahoe Elementary School where we played "Poet" softball, each person could bat until they got a hit! I stayed in the bleachers to cheer while many poets played. After the game in which both teams won, we headed to Meeks Bay for a picnic. The lake was spectacular, a few poets gathered at my table, and we talked about the all important issues of love and how we met our significant others.

I was exhausted when I came home, and worked on a poem titled Dissonance, which was workshopped this morning with Don Mee Choi, but details of that later.