When a Poet Marries an Engineer - A Found Poem

me:  I'm extremely upset with you.

usman:  i apologize

me:  apology not accepted
          in fact
          apology trampled over mercilessly as if apology were a spider - now mangled and 
          killed by my high heel
usman:  that's a poem
Sent at 12:00 PM on Thursday

me:  what do you know or care about poetry
Sent at 12:01 PM on Thursday

usman:  my wife is a poem writer

me:  whatever
Sent at 12:14 PM on Thursday

usman:  when u coming
 Sent at 12:16 PM on Thursday
me:  3 30

usman:  Ok Luv
Sent at 12:24 PM on Thursday

Photo by Rebecca McCue